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Of special pride to Rivermead members is our link to the Canadian Open through the Rivermead Cup. The Rivermead Cup was awarded to the winner of the Canadian Open until 1935. Since 1936, the Rivermead Cup has been awarded to the low Canadian in the Canadian Open.

Champions engraved on the Rivermead Cup include Walter Hagen, Tommy Armour, George Knudson, Moe Norman, Dan Halldorson, Richard Zokol, Dave Barr, Mike Weir, Stephen Ames, Mackenzie Hughes, Adam Hadwin and Corey Connors.

For the full list of Rivermead Cup winners, please visit: https://link.edgepilot.com/s/794dd2d1/FmOkU5fh4ECCZt1ZZqCnMg?u=https://heritage.golfcanada.ca/the-rivermead-challenge-cup/






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