Dress Code

Like most private clubs, Rivermead has a Dress Code. It reflects Club traditions but also considers current trends in golf wear, tasteful and appropriate clothing, and the practices of other private clubs.

General Guidelines

For men, sport shirts or golf shirts with sleeves and attached collar or turtleneck/mockneck are acceptable. They must be tucked in at the waist to pants or appropriate length shorts.

For women, sleeveless golf shirts with collar, collarless golf shirts with sleeves or turtleneck/mockneck and other similar tops are acceptable. Golf tops designed to be worn over slacks/shorts/skirts are permitted providing they have a finished bottom and fall 2” to 4” below the waist. Bare midriffs, tank tops, short shorts and long shirts that are not tucked in are not permitted.

Denim Clothing

Denim clothing is permitted, but must be in good repair and without any rips or tears, frayed ends or holes, and not be overly faded, tattered or dirty, and must fit appropriately. Acceptable denim does not include overalls, painter pants or those that are extremely low or high cut. This privilege for denim clothing does not apply to the golf course or practice facility, and it is sincerely hoped that members and guests will exercise good taste in the garments they wear.

Prohibited attire

  • T-shirts, spandex, exercise pants or shorts, cut-offs, cargo shorts and pants with large exterior pockets (side or front) that have not been specifically designed as golf wear.

  • Rubber or plastic footwear, including flip-flops and Crocs

  • Clothing that conforms to the Club Dress Standard but is dirty, frayed, tattered or otherwise in poor condition.

Members may arrive or depart directly to or from the locker room in clothing that is unacceptable elsewhere on Club property.

Pre-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates and Guests must abide by the Club’s dress code.

Golf Shoes / Metal spikes

Metal spike shoes are not permitted on the premises. This applies to all members and guests. Golf sandals are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities.


Men may not wear a cap or visor in the clubhouse. Visors and caps are to be worn with the peak face forward.


Logos must be discreet and related to golf and sports activities only.

Cell phones

Cell phones must be off or in “silent” or “vibrate” mode at all times on Club property. In the Dining Room, Salon, Salon, Veranda, Café or Terrace, cellular phones must not be used to make or receive calls, except in emergency situations. They may be used in the locker rooms or outside the clubhouse. They must be used only with discretion on the golf course.